Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Apocalypse Nerd

Apocalypse Nerd is a series of comic books based on two 'average' men who survive the Apocalypse. The story followers their adaption to survival. The comics makes fun out of the inabilities of modern society when it comes to survival. At the end of each comic there is a section about the Founding fathers of America and satires what they tried to achieve.

This comic is aimed at adults though it is not rude or sexual. It shows that the idea of the Apocalypse ending is entertaining for adults. The way in which the comic uses the founding fathers as satire also reflects the idea that America has brought on its own ending, by the way in which it was founded. On the idea of the City on a hill and individualism. This will also ultimately be its downfall, as shown by the comic books.


  1. I have never seen comic books that had to do with the Apocalypse which is interesting, it defently has made it clear that it is representing America, throught the Founding Fathers which is very specific, and saying that the end of the world is entertaining for adults is a good opinion, as the country has heard so much about this future event which has no facts that it will happen, that they make a joke of it, to spread to a larger target audience.

  2. I feel comic books are a good way of getting messages across to people, especially with there ever growing popularity. I have seen a few zombie comics but none like this.
    The end of the world is certainly a form of entertainment, and from the sounds of it this comic book plays to that notion. The fact that they bring the founding fathers into the comic certainly represents their view that America is in some way flawed in the way it has been founded and as a result have brought about their own demise.
    When I first saw the front cover I immediately thought that the person looked almost ‘ape’ like and barbaric, leading me to believe that as a result of the nuclear disaster mankind has de-volved drastically.

  3. The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008).

    This is an interesting apocalypse film as it crosses two different ideas about the end of existence. It bases its argument for the impending doom of manking on its mistreatment of the planet, but it is an alien that is to wipeout the humans. Unlike films such as Independance Day and Mars Attacks it is not an alien invasion for control that is the reason for the attack, but instead an environmentalist need to protect the earth from the humans. The impending apocalypse is predictably averted but the story is unlike other apocalypse films, using a seperate idea as to how the apocalypse comes about. One of the most interesting moments in the film is when the young boy jacob gives an ultimatum of the two options on how to deal with the oncoming apocalypse, "Should we run and hide, or stand and fight". Klaatu responds, "niether, you must realise that there is nothing you can do". This is an option that is un-American, giving up, and it is the defiance of this that results in the saving of the human race. Resistance appears futile but humanity triumphs in the end, normal Americans being the cause. This is a very American idea in films, where the individual overcomes the odds to succeed, in this case preventing the apocalypse. It is definately an apocalypse film, but its inter-genre merging of ideas makes it different to other pre-apocalypse end of the world stories.