Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Tribe is a apocalyptic television series, created by Raymond Thompson and Harry Duffin, it is a typical apocalyptic theme where they use a Shopping Mall a their main scene setting. It is mostly aimed at teenagers around the age 8-17. The story line to this series is about a deadly virus that wipes out all the adults in the world, leaving the children and young adults to defend for themselves, which is chaos, they form Tribes to try and survive but it is not easy with food supplies running out and different Tribes wanting different things for the new world, for example power, peace or just to live. The Tribes have names, different clothing and makeup to show their loyalties to their Tribe.

I choose this apocalyptic series because from every day life of school, work and shopping, children have to live without their parents and the live with the everyday’s worries of teenage hood. This series is interesting as it goes from the modern world to living off the land, rebuilding their lives from scratch with no technology, guns, laws. With the dangers of power ridden Tribes who are only out to destroy.

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  1. I have heard of this series but never actually watched an episode.
    I like the idea that it focuses on children, which is not a very common theme for the apocalyptic genre. Its classic how it’s set in a mall, reminding me of Dawn of the Dead as well as other apocalyptic films which hint at the ideas of being a critique on consumerism.
    I’m assuming the series try’s to show how teenagers are forced into growing up quickly and taking responsibility for themselves as well as other, again another common theme throughout the apocalyptic genre.
    After seeing some pictures I find it strange how they all wear different regalia to demonstrate which ‘tribe’ they are in. This reminds me of gang culture (especially in America) and how they wear different colours and cloths to show their loyalty to their particular crew.