Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wall E

Wall E is a fantastic film, showing just how far the apocalyptic tale has come within American culture. Wall E, though primarily aimed at children, shows to everyone the state that Pixer see the world to be in with the continuation of the destruction Americans have on the planet.

There are some moving but also comic scenes that show the reality of the future. Though exaggerated in parts the fact that Americans are growing in size can't be argued with, and the fact that the American government are funding NASA to find alternatives from space for resources, and ultimately the rescue plan.

Though The Road showed the destruction in a negative and hard hitting way, Wall E showed the depressing future in a way that gets us off guard. Both use the connection of love to employ these message, therefore both would agree that this is still powerful within the human and strong enough to ultimately rescue us from the future. This is an idea and theme that has been seen throughout this module, one scene in Dawn of the Dead we watched was the one where the wife of a Zombie runs to save from being shot and ultimately gets bitten, suggesting that family and love is the stronger then the desire to live and life.

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