Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Presentation on an American and European Apocalyptic films

My presentation is about two apocalyptic films, Dawn of the Dead from America and Children of Men from Europe, to show that films can have different issues but yet can relate to the rest of the world. I will also be talking about why peoples fear has become our entertainment?
This quotes sums up why films are created from our fears:

•Michael Huany quotes that ‘ films express the anxiety in modern society that something great and terrible is going to happen soon, something beautiful perhaps but also awful’

Both films have a meaning to its own individual country but the fears of most people in the world.

The entertainment world can not seep into our reality.

If and when is does it will not be so entertaining anymore!

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  1. your point about the films being reflective of the situtation of that country is a really intresting point. The way it transends into other countries fears as well is a complex one, and i agree that most people's fears would reflect that ultimalty the people of the world are being distructive.