Thursday, May 27, 2010

James' Presentation- Zombies!

I have decided to do my presentation on the changing zombie, looking at the difference between the original zombie and the new contemporary representations. I will also be looking at the changing political and social issues which the films reflect.
I will start by looking at the origins of the zombie and why America managed to create the zombie we all know today. This will lead to a discussion concerning why zombie films are not as popular in other countries around the world.
I will then look at the early zombies, particularly looking at the original Dawn of the Dead and Night of the Living Dead, however this will not be the focal point of the presentation as we have covered much of the issues concerning Dawn of the Dead in previous meetings.
I will consider how the tradition zombie has changed over the years from the early/mid 20th century to post 9/11. I will look at the influence the events of 9/11 has had on the zombie (if any?). I will be looking at the political messages which post 9/11 zombie films portray, especially the film Land of the Dead.
Finally I will look at the future of zombies and the direction which the zombie film is taking. This includes looking at the increasingly popular zombie video games.
Here are some questions to ponder before class;
Why do you think the zombie is so popular, and most films produced in America compared to other countries?
What post 9/11 issues do you feel are raised during contemporary Zombie films (if any)? And how have zombie films changed as a result?
Why do you feel zombie games are becoming ever more popular?

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  1. I like the way you went through the history of zombies showing that they have changed over the years because of peoples higher fear points and issues within society.