Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Dawn of the Dead

Watching the movie i did not find it like most apocalyptic films which are aimed at more destruction by reading what Stephen Harper and Kyle Bishop had written, it was clear that this film was made with a message behind it. The metaphor of this 2004 remake film is primarily Consumerism, that we have in some respects as Bishop comments has been brainwashed throughout life to buy the "in thing' on the market. The Mall being the main metaphor for consumerism, one being why would both zombies and surververs go to the same place? because as Harper quotes "its not us they're after, it the place. They remember that they want to be here" it is an instinct a place were people go all the time. in the film you see them shopping around for example baby clothes, like it is any other day. The baby is also another metaphor one of which is very strong, that no matter how hard society tries, 'mindless zombies' to consumerism will caring on being born, in some dawrting sense that the hold that consumerism has on humans will not subside, which shows when even in survival mode, they think of shopping, which will do them no good in the future. as Bishops states " the end of the world means the end of consumerism" which is obvious that at the end, the survivors are still not out of danger because the world needs to stop to start a new world where the consumerism debate is no more.

One other metaphor would be something that is linked to America quite strongly, 'paranoia' in Bishops essay it states that "paranoia becomes almost as important as survival" where people hide their bites so that they can stay alive a little bit longer, that they can not even trust their family or friends, because they may choose their lives first and kill them. This metaphor indicates that as consumerism life is a very competitive system and that people are out for themselves not each other, this film represents consumerism in many angles making one think that the film had a secret agenda of it own to its audience.

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