Monday, March 1, 2010

Week 2 - Dawn of the Dead

As a movie, I found the remake to be quite enjoyable but fairly predictible, but it wasn't until after I read Steven Harper's essay that I saw how it actually is a prime example of the Consumerism Debate rather than just a movie.
I especially agreed with the idea that the Zombie race isn't much different to that of our own, that we're just mindless sheep, following the leader for the latest must have purchase, but instead of brains, our race is after the latest iPhone. This is just one example of many which indicate humanity is living a consumer driven life.

In the majority of horror films, there is always a happy ending, showing how the family got over their tough time and is now happily living their lives. Yet at the end of Dawn of the Dead it shows that there is no escape from the Zombies no matter where you run (or in their case, sail) to. I feel this was a metaphor to life today with the recent arguement of climate change bringing an upcoming doom on society, suggesting there is no escape from the damage we have done to this planet and humanity will reap the repercussions of their actions.


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  2. I hadn't thought about the ending before, I think you’re right that the ending of dawn of the dead is a subliminal message that we are doomed. Perhaps by using the metaphor of the zombie as the destruction people feel better about bringing on the 'end'. In a way if people feel that someone else (zombies) will end this earth their responsibility for it shifts.

  3. I did not think about the climate change being a doom on society and showing it in this film, i also did not think of the obvious that humans have and are going to be the destruction of the world, which in some respects is the biggest meaning in the film.