Monday, March 1, 2010

Week 1 - Terminator Series.

First off, apologies for this being so late.

Here is the wiki link for a brief background on all four films :

I have chosen the Terminator series as my Apocolyptic text because it shows the world both before and after the apocolypse throughout it's movies. Although the background story is how humans defeat the machines in the very end (therefore cyborgs are sent back into the past to change the timeline to prevent the future distruction of their empire) I feel it tells a strong tale of the selfishness of humanity, how always striving for the bigger and better will lead to their downfall in a cataclysmic manner. This is seen at the end of the third movie 'Rise of the Machines' showing how Skynet ( the artificial intelligence which leads the machines) destroy's much of humanity in a nuclear holocaust.

On the other hand, it tells the tale of how nature will alway prevail. In this case of an apocolypse, our buildings, cars and computers may all be destroyed, but plants and animals (including the human race) will adapt and evolve to live life in a new world.


  1. I am not a big fan of terminated movies but i never had thought of it as an apocolypse film, but i agree it is with the destruction of the planet showing both before and after can give the viewer a more overview of both world beside eachother.

  2. I like the Terminator film series alot. I agree with what you say about striving to be better will be the downfall of man. This has kind of happened already with using up of all earths resources. Due to the human race expanding too quickly we have almost doomed ourselves, just instead of a machine killing us it will be nature.

    I agree with notion that people will evolve to fit the new world. This is seen heavily in the book Earth Abides, however this shows it in a way that only the new generations of people will adapt fully whilst those who existed before the apocalyptic end will never fully be the same, having ghost memories of how the world once was.