Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Earth abides

The book Earth Abides, was a interesting read, with many issues involved, it was never dull.
Elizabeth Wells writes "Christian drama of world destruction and resurrection and inso doing encodes popular fears about the end of the world, and more importantly what follows it"

The book is based on a typical apocalyptic setting of the ruins of San Francisco,this book which was written in 1949, was in the era when women were second best to men, made to marry, bear children and nurture then, and they have to stay a virgin until they marry.

The novel shows that this issue still exists, with Evie not allowed to give birth because the tribe only wants strong genes in the future world. The only female who may break free from this female status, is Emma who is the "Eve" (mother of the tribe) and Ish would be nothing without her.

The tribe is stuck in the old ways of the norm America, such as driving, which they even felt uneasy about going through red lights. But Ish is adamant that they should start a fresh new beginning, taking the leadership role, Ish who believes that education is the answer for a better society, which came from his passion as a student while doing research and his life and death experienced, for example the snake bit which lead passers by to believe he had the virus.

The animals, did not receive the virus and have gone back to be able to do as they please with nature returning back to the beginning. With nature returning the Americans in time decide the money, clothes and materials are not necessary, using money as arrow heads, although while going back to the basic, it is obvious that they have become suspicious of the unknown and when Charlie arrives from an unknown area, the tribe especially Ish who has an instant dislike to him becomes uneasy about him - leads the tribe to execute him through no fault of his own, introducing the negative parts of the old society.

In the end it is obvious that the world is a powerful thing and that man is not needed for its survival, the aftermath of the event leads the tribe to go back to the more western days of living off the land.

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