Sunday, May 16, 2010

After finally finishing The Road, I have to say that I didn’t really enjoy it as a read, I found it very bleak and depressing, yet at the same time I was completely captivated by it. The relationship between father and son in a world where devastation surrounded them was the key factor that created a bond for me as I just had to find out what happened to them. I feel that this is a common factor for all readers of the novel as their struggle through life pulls on everyone’s heart strings. The boy signifies innocence in America and the father represents strength. Travelling east to west turns the American frontier upside down and suggests a sense of going back in time to a more primeval state of society. One thing I did like was the happy ending; I agree it’s somewhat of a cop out, yet I feel it’s a prediction of the future, humanity may only be a guest on the earth, but like Earth Abides, Mother Nature will always recover.

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  1. I agree it is very detailed and long winded, but the parts where is was about what was happening and not the long journey down an empty road it was interesting. After finding out the back ground story of why he wrote a story of father and son, it became clearer to me why the wife was killed off which made the story of a powerful the bond between them even stronger in the book.