Wednesday, May 19, 2010


WALLE i love this film so much it is enjoyable with a hidden meaning. It has all emotions within it ranging from sorrow, love, hate, anger ect, it never grows old but it is ironic how this film is about too much consumerism but also they have put out every merchandise going on this film.

WALLE which is a post apocalyptic children's film, set in the year of 2100 on the after mass of the world that has been abandoned after an environmental collapse of the earth being overridden with too much junk, the world has been destroyed by consumerism, too much stuff for not enough people. The earth has been poisoned and no living creature is left escaped one little robot, WALLE, which has been created to clear up the mess while the human escape to outer space.

The humans in space are like mindless zombies without the gruesome side effects of being dead, They are stereotyped by being fat and lazy by not even being able to use their legs anymore to walk, the children do not know anymore than the screen that is placed before them. They live a life of luxury where everything is done for them, cleaning feeding ect. The soulless humans could be contrasted to the film Dawn of the Dead, where the zombie's remember only what has been on television and advertisements. like a brain washed person.

WALLE is not just an apocalyptic film set in a dead landscape but it is one of a romance story, between two robots one from the old world and the other from the new. this romance shows hope in the new world because if WALLE was not so persistent of showing his love for EVE then EVE would have not found what is in WALLE's treasures of peoples waste, a small plant which has started to grow on earth after so many years. Also them together have shown the humans that life is important again by knocking them to their feet with the humans realising they must save their children and themselves from what they have become.

This film even though for children has been liked by many older generations too, it does show the fear of what people believe may happen in the far future but always shows there is hope in survival and re-growth of the world, this some what science fiction text is the first of children apocalyptic story lines made, it has become a huge success throughout the world which has shown that not all texts on this matter has to be gruesome or horrifying. ( just to show more details)

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  1. I like the comparison between the people and zombies. They are blinded by their selfish wants. They are unaware of any form of exercise equipment ('I didn’t know we had a pool/jogging track').
    I also like the point you make about being against consumerism yet the company themselves are one of the major problems and contributors, which seems a bit hypocritical.