Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Road

The Road made me feel incredibly lonely, the unnamed characters added to this. The relationship between family is clearly one of the main motives of the book, the idea that with no one is left, family is what bonds people. The idea of going to the sea is one that is very familier within the apocalyptic tale. The end was a bit idyllic and some parts seemed unrealistic, but the message about the issues America faces are real. The way the world ends is not made clear, i feel this is due to Mc Carthy suggesting there is many reasons the world will end.
This review I found summed up how I felt about the book.
'The Road is a novel of transforming power and formal risk. Abandoning gruff but profound male camaraderie, McCarthy instead sounds the limits of imaginable love and despair between a diligent father and his timid young son, "each other's world entire"

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  1. I agree that not knowing the name of the characters made it easier to put your imagination into the boo and create them yourselves. Not knowing how the world has ended in this book does show great in great depth that Mc Carthy and many other believe something will happen in time, but do not know what, what he does make clear is that it is not a virus, no one is sick or has turned into some gruesome zombie, instead they have done things to survive that they would have never done before the world collapsed.